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Dwelling Fire


What is a Dwelling Fire Policy?

A Dwelling Fire policy is a risk usually used as an investment. You own the unit but you usually do not live in it. It can be a single family home, a duplex , a quadplex, or even an Apartment complex. It is usually a policy that combines Liability and Building coverage in the same policy.

DP1, DP2, and DP3

Dwelling Fire policies come in different sizes. A DP1 policy is a basic policy which gives coverages that take into account older or distressed homes. A DP2 policy is "more" Broad and a DP 3 Policy is a special policy that can include "Replacement Cost".


Mobilhomes are also a little different due to the "mobile" part to them. Because they are mobile and are built with lighter building materials, the "risk" is greater and so are the premiums. If they are tenant occupied, then a commercial mobilehome policy will be used.

Vacant Homes

A risk that is vacant is a higher risk that is not insured by all Insurance companies so they can be harder to find. We have companies that will do Vacant homes and Commercial buildings.


It can be very difficult to obtain a policy to cover the risk while under renovations.  Renovations are not cosmetic repairs such as painting, carpet, but would included doors and windows, removing any walls etc. The cost of a Renovation policy is much higher so I recommend a shorter 3 or 6 month policy and would need a base value of the home and after renovation value to quote .

Why us?

If you invest in homes, you need an agent that understands investors. We are a Vendor in Upstate CREIA and have investment homes also. WE can advise you on protections you need on your Investments.